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Have been at my parents for the last four days. Had a wonderful time. Am now lost and behind on everything else. Would gratefully accept links and updates!

Some things:

  • Watched the movie History Boys with my Dad. It's...odd. But interesting. The constant storyline about gay sex between teachers and students was a bit awkward to view while sitting next to my father, but he picked the movie so he only has himself to blame.

  • Also watched Twilight with both my parents and they LOVED it. Dad even asked me to write down S. Meyer's name so he could get the book from the library. (To give you a bit of context, my Dad IS Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, except he's a research chemist instead of a physicist.)

  • I am starting a Twitter account to do book reviews. Yes, really! I'll link it as soon as I decide what to do about my personal Twitter. I don't want the two linked (prospective employers don't need to be reading my fic recs, thanks!) but I don't want to protect my personal tweets and I had hoped to friend my book Twitter and blah, blah, blah. There still are a few kinks to be worked out!

  • I have developed a sudden and intense crush on Bobby Flay. WANT.

  • Just FYI, people do not know through the power of ESP that you'd like to talk to them. You have to actually email them. Radical idea, I know!

  • spn_meanttobe posting starts today! Schmoopy happy endings, YAY!

  • I have successfully addicted my mom to Bejeweled on my iphone too. Every time we'd sit still for two minutes, she'd ask to borrow the phone. MWAHAHA.

  • Took Addison out to camp to see the closing ceremony, which her daddy had a part in. It was so fun to show her off to all these people I've known my whole life. And she behaved like a little angel.

  • Introduced Addison to Max and Val this morning. They all did pretty well. Val got a little jealous when I was holding Addison but otherwise it was pretty smooth. We just had them all together for about ten minutes. Slow introductions for everyone. Addison petted all over them both and told me: "They're big dogs. And pretty!" *beam*

    I'm still having some trouble with my eyes and am going tomorrow to have (brace yourselves) a cyst on my eyeball lanced. I'm pretty worried but the doc assures me it's easy-as-pie and I'll be able to drive after and everything. So, that's good. But, they have to dilate my eyes, which means I can't read a computer screen for about eight hours after. The upshot is that I will probably continue to be absent from online stuff for another day or two. BOO.

    Now I am exhausted and can barely keep my aching eyes open anyway. I'm going to take a quick nap, do some homework, and then re-read rhythmsextion's Big Bang as my reward.

    If you see me online later, come chat. I miss you guys!
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