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I am so behind on life, AHHHHH! Thank goodness I'm not working. If I was, I'd have had to quit my job to deal with last week, this week and next week. I'm seriously saying Thank You prayers at night.

Some things I don't want to forget:

  • After my graduation, Mom and Dad were waiting outside the coliseum with a dozen red roses for me.

  • Then we went and ate at my fave hole-in-the-wall Italian joint, and Andy, April and Addison joined us. It was so nice to celebrate with my entire family around me!

  • At that meal, Andy showed me some toddler games he'd put on his iphone. Addison can work that phone like you wouldn't believe. I don't just mean she could play the games. I mean she could WORK THE PHONE. She showed me how to turn the volume down. NUTTY.

  • Saturday I saw HP again, and ate at a local BBQ restaurant where they give you a plastic tray with a piece of waxed paper on it. Then, you go through a line and point out what you want and they put it on the paper. And you eat it just like that, off the tray. No plates! CRAZY.

  • Sunday I laid around like a slug. It was blissful. I watched some DVDs and read BB fic. I also randomly decided to download some of the kid games Andy had showed me so I could be A Cool Aunt.

  • Then, at 4 a.m., Mom called to say April was in labor!

  • BABY DREW WAS BORN! I love him.

  • I kept Addison for the next three days as everything was in chaos due to the baby coming ten days early and no one being prepared.


  • Addison hates to take a nap, but she still really needs one. One day, I convinced her to lay down and keep me company while I "napped." I told her she could play games on my phone, which she did for about ten minutes before falling dead asleep, phone clutched in her hands.

  • I'll be hearing the theme from Pre-K Safari in my nightmares for the rest of my life.

  • One of April's friends brought a congrats cake to the hospital. Addison sat in my lap while we shared a piece. Then the nurse came in to do Drew's hearing test, so I took Addison to ride the "alligator," errr...I mean elevator. Addison loooooves it like a carnival ride. We walked all over the hospital and talked to everyone we passed and wasted about an hour just roaming. Got back to the room and my brother pointed out that I had cake all over the back of my jeans. (Addison spilled it and apparently I sat in it.) This earned me the nickname "CakePants" for the next several days. GAH.

  • Bought a jacket at Old Navy for $9.

  • Knew I needed a break when I found myself far too invested in Mickey Mouse Club House. (I can sing the whole hot dog song, which my parents find HILARIOUS.)

  • Tomorrow, my brother is having lap-band surgery. (Awesome timing, right?) My Mom still can't see enough to drive and April is still on pain meds, SO. I'm taking him.

  • Monday I'm taking April and Drew to Drew's first doctor's appointment.

  • Tuesday I see my own eye doctor because I still haven't gotten my cyst lanced. Still hurts.

  • Having major separation anxiety from Addison. :(

  • So glad to be able to snuggle my puppies again! I missed them.

  • Am planning to sneak in some covert baby snuggles when I pick Andy up tomorrow morning.

    And now? Shower and passing out time. Later gators!
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