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Saturday my brother sent me GORGEOUS flowers as a thank you for helping his family out recently. So sweet. Also a total surprise. They are SO beautiful. He signed the card "Little" Brother, which is our personal inside joke. He is younger, but more than a foot taller. Not so little, really! Hee!

However, the flowers are driving my allergies CRAZY. They smell super strong and make me want to claw my face off. I hate to just throw them away because, again, AMAZINGLY PRETTY. But I have considered both putting them on the front porch, and shutting them inside another room. *sigh*

Today I took April, Addison and Baby Drew to the baby's first doctor's appointment. He did great and passed with flying colors. Then we took Addison to get a hair cut (her second!) and she also did great. I never knew a lollipop was such a motivating force, but apparently it is! Then, we went to Target, which was less fun as we were all starving and Addison completely melted down. I had to take her outside and leave April and Drew to finish the shopping.

Finally we got cokes and food and all felt much better. When we got home, I got to put Addison down for her nap, which everyone else HATES to do and I LOVE to do, so...win for everybody!

Then I held Baby Drew and laid on the couch for an hour. BABY SNUGGLES. It was bliss.

Now I am home again and thinking death-thoughts at the Flowers 'O Awesome.

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