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I feel like I haven't updated in one bazillion years, even though I just made a post Saturday. Yeah, I don't know.

I have two SPN questions...

__tiana__ asked this in her journal yesterday but I didn't see a response with an answer, so I thought I'd try you guys too. Is anyone doing anything special for the SPN S4 DVD release tomorrow? Any special giveaways or promos? Should I for sure buy my DVDs from a certain place tomorrow, or just order them from Amazon? I haven't heard a thing about special promos, but this would be the first year no one did anything, so...?

My second question is about VanCon gossip. I've seen almost none! I know about the Superwiki round-up, but have you heard any juicy/awesome happenings that we can gush together about? Tell me! Any amazing pics posted yet?

In non-SPN news...

You know what's creepy? Reading the Midnighter series by Scott Westerfeld in bed, deciding it's time to go to sleep, closing the book, looking at the clock, and realizing it's 11:59 p.m. EEEEEE. I had to lie quietly in bed (with the lights on) until 12:01 a.m., just for sanity's sake.

I've become a little obsessed with Westerfeld's books lately. He has this amazing way with world-building, it's really exceptional. In Midnighters, he takes the world as we know it and...twists it. He makes it something recognizable, but wholly different. In the Uglies series, he took a completely different world and, again, twists it to make it something we can recognize. Really neat. He also writes these really flawed characters that you wouldn't like if you met in real life, yet you end up totally empathizing and, in my case, obsessed with them.

I maybe spent some time contemplating a Midnighters tattoo last night.

Oh, another really cool thing about Midnighters is that it spans three books. But each picks up where the other left off, and I realized last night that the whole story only spans one month. It's so fast paced, the story just FLIES by, yet really, time is moving slowly. I'm not explaining it well, but it's a unique storytelling method.

Anyway, I highly recommend his books. They aren't perfect (I HATED Specials), but they are interesting and engrossing and I cannot put them down!

In non book-gushing news...

I FINALLY have a rescheduled appointment with an eye specialist to get my cyst situation taken care of. THANK GOODNESS. I'm really wanting to read Big Bangs and it has become physically painful to look at the computer for any length of time. It's very frustrating. But in a week, I should finally be all fixed up.

LASTLY. (And I really hope someone has read down this far!) Does anyone have any personal experience with LASIK? I don't have vision insurance and the chance of being able to build a medical case to convince my health insurance to pay for it are slim, but...I'm having so many eye issues right now that my eye doc is worried about my continued ability to wear contacts long term. I'm too blind to go without, so he's pushing LASIK. I have extreme anxiety about this for many reasons, but I'm interested in hearing about your process.


Phew! This entry exhausted me!
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