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Fangirl slumber party? I'm in!

I'm getting super excited about WinCon! In one month I will be surrounded by fangirls where I will:
-Discuss pretty boys in public.
-Get jacked up on waaaay too much caffeine.
-Stay up all night talking to people I adore.
-Laugh so much my belly aches.
-Wander around the hotel in PJs.
-Get enough fangirl hugs to last me until next March.
-Remember what it is that I actually adore MOST about fandom. (That'd be you guys, FYI.)

Registration closes September 15. Here's all the info.

If you've been wavering about going, come let me convince you. If you have concerns, I'm certain they're unfounded, let me convince you. If you want to squee and jump around, I want to do that too.

What do you think? Nothing would make me happier than to have every person reading this post show up in Denver. It's so much fun, y'all. I promise you won't regret it! COME PLAY WITH ME!
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