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Can you quit touching me? No.

Saturday I got to hang out with matalinolukaret and it was so fun! She's a total sweetheart and my dogs loooooved her (which always is my litmus test for New People.) She also put up with me repeatedly telling Christian Kane to get a haircut while we watched the Leverage finale. All in all, two thumbs up for adorable fangirls!

Did you guys see that badesquisse made a Big Bang Delicious account? She worked realllly hard on that, so go tell her how awesome she is!

Interesting article about What YA Lit is and isn’t. Written by the author of The Adoration of Jenna Fox, which I looooved.

Are you watching the Vampire Diaries? I recorded the pilot but haven't watched it yet. I have read the books though! Here's a link to PDF versions of the Vampire Diaries books 1-5.

My week-long avoidance of Twitter has ended. What I learned was that I really CAN order my thoughts better if I put more time and words into them. Clearly that's only something that applies to ME, but not being on Twitter DID make a big difference in my personal communications. It also made me terribly miss people who pretty much use Twitter as their sole means of communication. That right there probably ensures I'll never give up Twitter completely. But, I do need o figure out some sort of balance.

On Thursday I'm going to ask y'all to spam LJ with your fave Sam, Dean, Jared and Jensen pics, so....start thinking about which you'll choose!
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