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Finished an absolutely hilarious book last night called Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short Film about the Grapes of Wrath by Steven Goldman. Here's the summary: It's junior year and Mitchell goes from having no dates to two dates to the prom, his best friend tells him he is gay, and his usually strong academic record is in jeopardy thanks to a rather inappropriate claymation film he submitted in lieu of an English paper.

It's told in first person, present tense. It's a lot of dialogue and told in a very non-linear format. Part of the story even is in haiku! Honestly, it reminds me a bit of something poor_choices might write. There's a description of the Waffle House at 4 a.m., that is pretty much PERFECTION. The plot isn't, you know, DEEP or anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Did y'all see this? Obama Administration Aims To Continue USA PATRIOT Act Provisions

That is freaking SCARY stuff. And while I also think Obama holding a light-saber is LOLtastic, I sure wish he'd spent the time saying NO to this issue instead. Personal rights are one of the main reasons I choose to be a Democrat, and the Patriot Act pretty much just stomps on them. I'm sad to see the administration wants to keep it intact. Hopefully it can be weakened in negotiations, we'll see.

Yesterday wikkidpixie linked me to Kind Over Matter, and OMG, I am in love. That blog is my new happy place forever and ever.

Onward and upward!
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