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yes that is what I mean, that's the nail that I hit

Has anyone ever taken an online defensive driving class? It seems like the easiest way to handle it, but the last time I took DD was pre-internet classes. Advice? Thoughts?

I am just slightly bored this afternoon, but I'm much too occupied with eating everything that exists to go and find a project to start. I did brave Wal-Mart this morning and then I read a bunch of fic, so that was good times!

Yesterday Mom and I took Addison to the birthday party for one of my oldest buddy's son. It was at a pizza place with video games and stuff, very fun. There was a carousel, which Addison rode approximately 752,000 times. When we got back to her house, I got to do story and nap time, which is my favorite!

Monday we're all going to a presentation for my Dad's retirement, which will be exciting. And Tuesday, I should get the all-clear to fiiiinally start wearing my contacts again. My eye is doing much better, I haven't used my pain drops at all today.

FYI, we are a mere 40 days to my birthday. CANNOT WAIT.

Tell me something EXCITING.
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