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further and further from my home

Yesterday was my Dad's retirement party and it was very nice. During the speech portion, Addison was super restless, so I walked her away, down a hall where she could make noise without disturbing people. There was this glass window that looked out on a pond, but there was a tree covering most of it. I told Addison this long story about a hippopotamus that lived there and she was so enthralled. At one point, the wind blew the tree a little and she said "WENDY IT'S MOVING THE TREE." I seriously think my heart swelled about ten sizes. But then, the very BEST part was when we went back to the group. Addison went right up to her mom and said "We saw a hippopotamus in the tree!" April made a face exactly like this: 0_o HEEE!

I also taught her how to do high fives and pull your hand away at the last second and say "you're too slow," and she looooved that game. She'd grab my wrist so I couldn't pull my hand away. Little stinker!

Today I went to the eye doctor and he completely cleared me. Said my eye looked great and I could start wearing contacts again. YAY.

I am randomly getting so excited for Halloween! And my birthday! And WinCon! This is EXACTLY why October is my most favorite month of the whole year.

Tomorrow I'm volunteering at the FW Library again. It's sort of fun. Pros and cons, I guess.

I am not ready for this cold weather! Today I wore jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops and I was freezing. Can't it stay warm a little longer? PLEASE! I'm not ready to give up my flip floooops!!
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