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take 'em off in private

I just finished watching last night's Dancing With the Stars and Joanna Krupa got the highest score among all the women! And Kelly Osborne kinda made me tear up a bit during her waltz.

Sometimes I go through periods where I'm sort of uninterested in TV but right now I'm watching a lot of things that I feel very invested in. And, I don't know, it's FUN.

Speaking of fun (and of being invested), did y'all see that bloggingchick translated the sigils on Dean's ribs? SO COOL.

Also, I'm jonesing madly for this new Supernatural hoodie. Actually, that X-ray of Dean's ribs would make a super cool hoodie too, now that I think of it. Someone should make that happen!

You know what I want to read? Fic where JARED is the size queen and just drooling to get his hands on Jensen. Jensen is a big guy too, I betcha Jared would be all over the size match and the, you know, proportionality on the other side as well. JUST SAYIN.

Also? J2 fic based on the J. Geils Band song "Angel in the Centerfold." *nodnod* HOT.

This icon has nothing to do with this post, but...PERCY JACKSON. Makes me happy. The end!
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