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I read a good book last week: David Inside Out by Lee Bantle. It's the story of a high school kid struggling to figure out his own sexual identity. He knows he's meant to be interested in girls, and he TRIES. He dates a girl, makes out with her, even has sex with her....but nothing distracts him from his crush on Sean, a track teammate. And he and Sean mess around too, though Sean's insistence that straight guys just sometimes mess around ("It doesn't mean anything!") doesn't ring true to David.

This book is David's story about figuring out who he is and about finding himself, sexually and otherwise. The reviews all call this book both realistic and compelling. There's angst, but humor too. The main character is identifiable, no matter your orientation. Here's a blurb from the author's bio that I especially thought was impactful:
David Inside Out is based in part on my experiences growing up gay in Minnesota before the age of Gay/Straight Alliances, television shows like Will & Grace, and books like the one I have written. My goal in writing this book was to capture the evolving dynamics in play today while giving voice to the complicated feelings that still accompany coming to terms with one's sexual identity. I wrote the book for gay teens who are struggling with their sexual identity, but also for the girls who may date and fall in love with these guys. I also hoped to tell a good coming of age story that would appeal to everyone, no matter what their sexual orientation.
I also have started watching Naughty Kitchen, which is set in Dallas and takes place at a fairly new hotel in Mockingbird Station, where I spent much time when I worked in Dallas. It's super fun to see my city on TV and to see places and people that I recognize. I also enjoy that this portrayal of Texas/Dallas is, you know, the way I know the town -- sophisticated, edgy, trendy, urban....there are no horses, no boots, no homophobic rednecks lining the streets. (I find Blythe Beck to be super irritating however, but I'm hoping she will CHILL OUT as the series goes on. She's the sort of person who thinks she's super funny and unique, but just comes off like she's performing all the time.)

Yesterday I discovered that Baby Drew has a DIMPLE! Just one, on his right cheek, but it's pretty danged adorable. I maybe kissed it a few hundred times. AWWW.
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