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They didn't break me. I am broken.

I have been in a really rotten mood for weeks now, and I just cannot seem to shake it.

So! Let's focus on some good things instead:

Ten things I am thankful for today:
1. Lounging around in my PJs watching Sydney Bristow be a bad ass.
2. The AMAZING cherry tote bag ofenjen made for me. Trust me, if you could see it, you would be jealous. It's so freaking cool!
3. I walked a mile today even though I really, really didn't want to. I did it anyway, and that it triumph.
4. Good news emails from three different people.
5. Percy Jackson.
6. Herding ducks on The Amazing Race. Come on! HERDING DUCKS.
7. Grilled cheese sandwiches. (I'm on a bender, what can I say?)
8. I've had my contacts in for six hours today, with minimal pain.
9. Laundry? ALL DONE.
10. ELEVEN days to WinCon!

Which reminds me...

Hey Wendy, you need a hug. I will be at WinCon and will give you one there!

Check yes Juliet.

Monday. Tomorrow is Monday. They just keep coming, yeah?
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