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hold me secure in flight

I have so much to say and I don't even know where to start, so I wanted to just make a quick post to acknowledge that I made it home ok and that oxygen tastes amazing. I miss fangirls so freaking much. You all take a piece of my heart away when you leave.

I took zero WinCon pictures (per usual!) so if you took any, I want to see! You can link me, PM me, email, whatever. Just gimme! *makes grabby hands* Link me to con reports too! I need EVERYTHING.

Also, if I promised you a link/idea/whatever, and you didn't see me immediately pull out my iphone to email myself, please let me know. I'll make it happen!

Came home to a voice mail message asking me to come in today to interview for (get this) a part time, temporary job. I know. Hilarious. But money is money. So, I have to go pick up the dogs from the kennel, bring them home, and then rush off to Fort Worth for the rest of the day. AHHHHHH! I have been home 12 hours and I'm already overwhelmed.

ANYWAY. I miss you guys, I love you all, and I wish we were having tea and grilled cheese right now. MWAH!
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