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well of course you did

Some day I am going to make an Adventures in Interviewing post and you will laugh and laugh.

Has everyone seen Jim Beaver's MySpace post about his experience on jury duty? Really interesting. And it made me tear up a bit too.

Hey y'all! A cool thing is happening. I'm getting into SPN again! Not the show, I mean, I'm always into the show. But...the STUFF. I quit reading SPN almost completely last October and am juuuuust now starting to ease back into it. It's kinda exciting, honestly. I blame WinCon completely. Also, the fact that there FINALLY seems to be some not-so-angsty-I-want-to-kill-myself fic emerging. IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

AND. J2 fic is everywhere! *rolls around in it*

Here is my day: Interview at 9:30 a.m., ran three hours of errands, read LJ and a little fic, now I'm leaving to go to FW (again, urgh) for dinner with my parents (again) and camera club with my Dad. Should be home again around 11 p.m. *flops*

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