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you know we'll make it through

Not sure everyone has heard, but they're making some change to WinCon for 2010. And, as part of that, they are switching communities. So, go friend wincon. (You can ditch winchestercon, it won't be used anymore. I think.) Help spread the word, ok?

I've been thinking about carving a pumpkin this year. I've never actually done it on my own. We made them, of course, when I lived at home, but I've never done one all by myself. It's still warm enough that I could do it outside and I think the pumpkin guts would amuse Max and Val. HMMMM. What do you think flist? Are YOU going to carve a pumpkin? What will it look like? I want to see pictures!

Also, is anyone planning to dress up as anything fabulous? I am not as I'll be wrangling Addison (as a bumblebee, complete with WINGS) through her candy adventure.

I've also been making plans for Thanksgiving cooking. Looks like I'm going to attempt my homemade banana pudding, spinach artichoke dip, and phaballa's peanut butter pie. That's a lot of cooking from me but it will be so worth it. I barely can contain myself, I want to eat it all RIGHT NOW. (Instead I will have a super yummy quiche, which I will be making for lunch as soon as the red peppers finish sweating off their skins. Mmmmm.)

I have become weirdly obsessed with socks. I want to buy 700,000 pairs of awesome socks! Warm ones, fun ones...I don't even know.

Guess what? TWELVE DAYS TO MY BIRTHDAY. *beams*

Happy Sunday y'all!

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