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Woke up this morning feeling a bit gross and nauseous. Bleh. I have a job interview (more part time) this afternoon and I MUST go pick up my new contacts today. SO. I am trying to buck up little camper and get on with things.

I also am thinking about going by Michaels and looking for a craft project. I KNOW. I am so not a crafty person. I have hand-eye coordination issues and making things never, ever works for me. But I am feeling like I want to be creative, so I'm trying to find an outlet. I just want to go and walk around and look for inspiration.

I also really want some owl sweater clips, which are sold out internet-wide. I bet I could make some though -- if I could find all the individual pieces. We shall see.

I ran across an interesting article about why setting is so important in fiction. Have a look-see.
"You may forget the character or just exactly what was at stake, but you will always remember the where, the heat on your back, the rain on your cheeks, the dark hallways, the soil beneath your feet, the colors of happiness and despair."
Trying hard to live by this today:

Tell me some good things about today. GO!

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