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ten million fireflies

I am exhausted! I spent all day with Addison, which, of course, was amazing. (Drew was busy getting SEVEN vaccines! He had a rough day.) Also, my sweet Dad brought me food so we wouldn't have to drive in the rain. AND, it was yummy Italian food, which I have been craving with an unholy passion for the last MONTH. I've eaten it about ten times already and, if I could afford to, I'd eat it every day for the foreseeable future. Always cheese manicotti with marinara sauce. GUH. *wipes up drool*


I was doing Addison's hair and told her I was going to give her puppy dog tails. Her eyes got very wide and she whispered "Like Max and Val's puppy dog tails?" *melt*

And I taught her to say "Pretty boy!" whenever I showed her pictures of Jared Padalecki on my iphone.

*dusts off hands* My work here is DONE.
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