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Hey guys! Can you help?

I am finally home and I'll never be caught up again, EVER.

Had a job interview today, two tomorrow and another Wednesday. Awesome. But still no actual JOB. (Please pay me...anyone.)

I have two quick questions/favors....

1. Does anyone have pictures from WinProm of me dressed as a Winchester? I would like some and do not have them. Thank you!!

2. I want an icon from the scene of Sam tossing and turning in bed and then he sits up and you can see his tattoo and his chest is all NGH. Do you know what I mean? Does that exist? (I just wrote "sexiest" instead of "exist." SAM.) I WANT IT!

Random comment:


Postponed promises:

Better update about my awesome weekend tomorrow. Halloween pics of Addison and Baby Drew tomorrow. Recs tomorrow. Comment replies tomorrow. Some other stuff on my mind...(wait for it)...tomorrow!

*blows kisses*
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