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I met mkay9 in downtown Fort Worth for lunch at 8.0. The weather was gorgeous so we sat out on the patio. So nice! The food was amazing and we had lots of fun talking about the boys and our various plans for future cons. mkay9 always is great company! Also, I feel compelled to mention that none of the waitresses had on pants. Seriously.

Then, I ran over to my parents to pick up my black Converse, which I left there this weekend. TRAUMA. *cuddles shoes to self*

THEN, I went on a faaaabulous job interview, which went super well. It's for an on call spot so definitely not ideal, but it's the first interview where I really feel like I clicked with the people. Whether I end up getting it or not, it really boosted my confidence.

The place where I interviewed turned out to just be about a mile from my brother's house, so after I spontaneously went over there and hung out for a bit with April, Addison and Drew. We watched Yo Gabba Gabba!, which I'd never seen before. I remain firmly convinced that the writers are ON ACID. So bizarre.

Came home and ate and fed the dogs and watched America's Next Top Model. I know the gimmick this season is short girls but it is so irritating that they make all the models wear flat shoes to judging. Short girls still wear heels!! (Can you tell I'm tired? Haha.)

All in all it was an awesome day except that I did not get to see mandyremains. BOO. Hopefully tomorrow.

Also tomorrow? I get why_me_why_not for the day! YAAAAY! I am so excited!


How was your day? Tell me everything.
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