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Spoilers for SPN

I was laying in bed stewing on this and got so pissed I had to get up and turn my computer back on so I could rant about it.

YES. The awesome parts were awesome! VERY VERY AWESOME.

But the rest of it was utter CRAP.

Would your parents still be alive if your brother has never been born? YES.

Bullshit. I CALL BULLSHIT. John sacrificed himself to save DEAN's life. NOT SAM'S. And Mary? Mary sold out Sam BEFORE HE EVEN WAS BORN, in order to save John.


And then, they just said OH NEVER MIND about every bit of Trickster interaction we've had this far! Demi-God who likes to play pranks and teach people lessons? HAHA! Joke is on you viewers! He's really an angel! 'Cause we are so hard up to make this plot work, we're now KRIPKING OURSELVES.

*flails around crazily*

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