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Would you like a commemorative snow cone?

I am so tired and worn out. And yes, I feel ridiculous complaining about that now when today is a 12-hour nap compared to how tired I'll be next week when I'm working . HAHA. But still. Exhausted.

Am having major trouble with my eye again. It's just so defeating. I don't know what to do. My doc's office opens in an hour and I'm going to call for an appointment. But I feel pretty sure they won't be able to see me this week and then I'll be working, and I don't really get time off and and and...

It's all just really wearing me down, honestly.

I was awake all night thinking about everything I wanted to get done these last two years, and didn't. I feel like I failed to maximize my time! And now it's over! And that stuff will never get done! And fun stuff I was looking forward to is being canceled right and left and, you know, that'll never get replaced either.

One of the things I was feeling blue about was all the books I never got to read, so I decided to maximize my book opportunities and got three on CD so I can listen to them in the car. I don't have any un-heard podfics at the moment, and I should really maximize that 75 minute drive that I have to make twice a day. So, that's exciting!

OK, really I'm just typing to avoid putting contacts in my aching eyes but I need to get dressed and leave, so. Off I go. HELLO TUESDAY.
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