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Post one!

You gotta check out this AWESOME vid that frances_veritas linked yesterday.

15 vidders in multi-fandoms got together and made this collaboration vid about 15 hot guys. You like hot guys, right?

Here's the list!

Ed Westwick
Daniel Radcliffe
Jensen Ackles
Milo Ventimiglia
Alexander Skarsgard
Charlie Hunnam
Zachary Quinto
Tom Felton
Jared Padalecki
Greg Vaughan
Justin Timberlake
Chris Evans
James Franco
Chad Michael Murray
Ian Somerhalder

It's fun to see the different styles and to mmmm, drool on the pretty. (Though I so seriously wish the Jensen section didn't include a manip. WHOOPS.)

Here's a link to the YouTube posting, if you want to leave comments for the vidders

Come squee to me about hot boys! Tell me all your thoughts on the topic. Use details and photographic evidence, if necessary!

Off to the eye doc and then to get my car looked at. It's leaking fluid. SIGH.
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