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Post two!

Glee is back tonight! YAY! People who have screened the ep say it's one of the best so far too. WOOOO! It's very exciting!

I would like to talk about my three favorite performances on Glee, thus far.

NUMBER ONE: Somebody to Love

This song! You guys! It makes me WEEP with its gorgeousness. No, seriously. On multiple occasions I have been driving down the street listening to this song while smiling ear-to-ear, with tears pouring down my face. I know other drivers think I'm NUTSO. But still. The vocals in this are just AMAZINING and I love this performance SO FREAKING MUCH.

NUMBER TWO: Keep Holding On

I love the vocals and performance, the song fit perfectly with the storyline, and ok. I'll tell the truth. When Finn grabs both Quinn and Rachel's hands, I LOSE IT. It's an absolutely perfect moment of television.


I wanted to link a vid of Rachel doing On My Own for her Glee audition because it is AMAZING and I love it and siiiiiggghhh! But I can't find a performance clip.

So, have a vid of just the Glee music over still cast photos:

And here's a vid of Lea Michele doing Les Miserables at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008:

Her voice is incredible, it kills me.

Also, I find it randomly interesting that, for a show I adore because it is mostly fluffy, my three fave moments are all things that make me CRY. WTF Glee???

This is what I wrote on my calendar to remind myself to make this post today: Glee performance post yay glee tonight woooo! So, I think we should make this a real Glee Squee post...come squee with me! Tell me what you love, show me your favorite thing, talk to me about music and adorable boys and cheerleader skirts! Anything goes as long as it's GLEE SQUEE!

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