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No, not really. We have guns and we will find you.

Today was my first day at work! It was good. I feel like I learned a lot and everyone was very nice. It's all a bit overwhelming, but first days always are. My big ISSUE is that when I spoke to my supervisor yesterday, she told me I'd work today and then again on Monday. But, when I went in today (she's off, of course) I was on the schedule for today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. SO. I guess I get surprise!work tomorrow? I just want her to TELL me when to come in, and I will go! But...my ESP is shoddy, you know?

No good stories except for the page who constantly talks out loud to himself while shelving (??).

I understand there is great dissent about last night's SPN. DON'T TELL ME YOUR OPINION. No offense, but I know MY opinion, and that's enough for me. But I am looking for icons. One in specific...WWSADD? It has to exist, right?!?!

Also, Twitter was aflutter with the news that Alona confirmed Jared's engagement. I texted with someone at the panel and she said no. So, unless it happened during an auto or photo opp....

Probably this all already has been discussed, dissected, and decided, but I have been off-line all day! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING, OK?

I hadn't eaten since 1 p.m., so I was starving when I got home and stuffed my face with Taco Cabana. That plus my parking fees about take care of any money I might have made today. SIGH.

Anywhoo...come tell me about your day and your life and your weekend and...HAHA. I just realized this is Friday. No one is still around reading LJ. SIGH AGAIN. I, however, guess I'll pretend I'm going to work in the morning and so maybe I'll watch some Housewives of OC County and then I have to go to bed!

Dear Life: You are crazy. Sleepily Yours, --Wendy

ETA: I have now edited this post EIGHT NINE TIMES (not a typo!) to correct typos. GAH. *throws up hands*
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