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Good morning guys! My flist this morning is covered in pics of Jensen in a soft sweater and Jared Padalecki looking like he's about to bust out of all his shirts. I LIKE IT. Those boys! They make me so happy. *contented sigh*

I have to leave for work here in a few, but I was just thinking about yesterday. It was a challenging day. Super busy at the library and SIGH, I already got in trouble with my supervisor. WHOOPS. (And actually, the conversation gave me a light bulb moment about my own interpersonal skills, so it was worthwhile, I suppose.) BUT! As I was walking to the back, two different patrons stopped me to say thanks for my help earlier and it just really made me feel really validated.

Maybe that's an inappropriate thing to brag about, I don't know. But I do know that it made me feel amazing in a way that work never has in the past and y'all? That's a pretty cool thing.

If I ever get a day off again (and at this point, it doesn't look promising), I'm going to do a better post about what all I'm doing and what the library is like and all that. You can't wait, right? *grin*

Anyway, here's my mantra for today:

AND THEN! I'll probably post bunches about this between now and the actual start date on December 1, but IN THE MEANTIME, go check out salt_burn_porn. It's basically like porn tag. One person tags another with a prompt and then they have 24 hours to write and post fic about it. There is better information at the comm, obviously! But it can be a lot of fun if people participate, so....go check it out! Think about it! Sign up! Feel inspired! Write me porn!

Ooohhhh, I have ten minutes left to oogle every part of Jared Padalecki. That's better than a shot of caffeine!

Happy Monday people!
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