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I am so friggin tired right now. But, I only work Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday and that is IT for next week! CRAZY.

Let's have a bulleted list now, shall we?

  • They put up this HUGE Christmas tree in the library's main lobby today and it is amazing and gorgeous. I think maybe my heart grew two sizes when i saw it.

  • Today I did an interlibrary loan for someone else for the first time. Exciting! Also, a teenager that I helped last week came straight to the desk to say how much she liked the book I helped her pick out and to ask if I'd help her get a new one. AND, this adorable tiny little girl that I sometimes flirt with while her mom is on the computer came up and asked me to play with her. AWWW.

  • I have seen virtually zero icons from Chicago con. Were there just not any?

  • I've also seen no one talk about New Moon. Which probably isn't a bad thing since it'll probably be another week before I can see it, if then. SIGH.

  • I bought this super cute pair of shoes for work. They fit great all over, but when I walk, my heels come out of them. I don't mean that my heels rub a little, I mean, I'm almost stepping out of the shoes. But they fit so good, I hate to go down a size. Think it just mean they won't work at all? BOOO.

  • I have a question about laptops. When I originally bought mine, I got this AWESOME backpack that is specifically designed for traveling with a laptop. It's all padded and amazing and I used it for years, and still love it. But, there isn't really room inside the backpack for me to carry anything else. I'd really like to just carry a (different) backpack to work (and I want to take my laptop so I can maybe get online during my break). My question is...how much protection does a laptop really need? If I just throw it in my bag and then thunk my bag on the floor, that's bad! Any suggestions on how to carry it, protect it, and still be able to carry other junk in the same bag? (Does this question even make sense outside my head?)

  • I read an AMAZING book...Paper Towns by John Green. If I wrote for a hundred years, I'd still never do this book justice. Just go get it and read it and find out something new about yourself.

  • Chocolate is a happy thing.
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