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Reading my flist goes a lot faster when I don't stop to comment on anything. SIGH. I'm not proud of this.

Did anyone else watch The Biggest Loser tonight and think Of Jensen? Anyone know what I'm talking about? Just me then? Bueller?

I continue to really be enjoying my job. I got paid today! I made about $4 total, but STILL. I got paid! It's exciting. Starting next week, I'll only be going in three days a week, which is sad. I wish I actually could make a living at it but alas. The job search must continue.

Today a guy called and asked me to do an ILL for him of a Japanese anime series. I said sure and asked him how to spell the title. His response? "I don't know how to spell it." Well guess what guy? NEITHER DO I. I mean, honestly! SHEESH.

I also had a very, very pregnant woman trying to find a specific book and she went up and down between the two floors three times before I managed to stop her and find out what was going on. She said the book wasn't on the shelf, I looked and yes, it wasn't. I suggested she put a hold on it and she said "Oh, I already did, I'm third in line." 0_o OK, HERE IS A CLUE. If you are third in line, the book IS NOT HERE. Stop running stairs for no reason, very pregnant woman! GAH!!

My brother continues to be, well...himself, and I sort of want to stab him in the face. I get Addison tomorrow though, which is super happy-making. I haven't seen her since Halloween!

Yesterday I got to hang out with mandyremains and radioactivclown. It was, of course, awesome! We ate at Sweet Tomatoes (OMG, soooooo goooood), went to the mall and then went home and laid on a bed talking for hours. I'm pretty sure I could just lie on a bed talking to Mandy forever and be perfectly content. Someone would have to be in charge of internet access and Starbucks runs though. Luis?

OK, I am done!
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