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and you can see my heart beating

Yes. So.

estrella30 just made a post and mentioned some AUs she wanted and one was this: A J2 version of Indecent Proposal where its like, Jensen and Danneel in Vegas and Jared is this millionaire tycoon and he wants to pay them a million dollars to have sex with Jensen.

And now I want that REAL BAD YA'LL. Or anything, really, where Jared is convincing Jensen to have sex with him and OH YES, they both want it and mmmmm sexy, just a little coercion is perhaps needed to get the ball rolling. I NEED THIS OK??? *makes grabby hands at fandom*

Tomorrow I have to get up super early to go into Dallas to see another new eye specialist. Cross your fingers for me, ok? I really need someone to be able to make my eyes not hurt anymore. Then I am jetting all the way over to Fort Worth for a full day of work. *moan* I just dread busy, rushed days, you know? Even though it'll be fine once I get into the middle of it.

Am about to (finally!) go see New Moon with my Dad. CANNOT WAIT.


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