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I want to use like, seven different icons on this post and I can't CHOOSE. Dilemma!

Work today was awful. Out of 100 questions, I answered about two on my own. I had to call in help for everything else. It makes me feel so helpless, and I know it annoys whoever has to help. SIGH. But now I know how to answer those questions in the future, I suppose.

Went to the new eye specialist this morning.

He said I do NOT have another cyst on my left eye, which is good. He thinks probably LASIK is a good solution for my problems. But since I want that to be my last-ditch option, he tried something else today. To combat the dry eye, he took these tiny silicon plugs and plugged the bottom tear duct on the inside of each eye. That way, the natural tears don't drain out (like they would normally), but stay in my eye longer.

So far, it feels exactly as uncomfortable as it sounds and I'm fairly miserable. But he said that by Wednesday I won't even be able to feel them, so I'm trying to hang tough about it.

Also? I am sick. I have a scratchy throat and my nose is running like a faucet. I tried to pretend it was allergies, but no. I'm starting to get a wee bit concerned that I have absolutely zero immunity anymore. WTH body? PROTECT YOURSELF.

Saw New Moon with Dad yesterday. It was good! Let me first be upfront that I have not read the books, but that I LOVED Twilight. And I mean that un-ironically. I actually loved it, I get sort of annoyed when people make fun. But, despite that, I do make a little fun of New Moon under the cut. Be warned!

I enjoyed the movie and thought they did a great job with it. I loooooved the wolf transformations.

But I am seriously stuck on how Jacob is a total WUSS. He's a WOLF! I gathered he's meant to be all RAWR and tough and ON EDGE and...WOLFISH. Yet, Tyler Lautner spends the entire movie with water-ey eyes saying no other line except for "Bella. PLEASE." I wanted to thump him in the forehead!! And he's all mooney (see what I did there?) over a girl who is in love with another guy! LAME. (I choose not to even discuss Bruce Banner Jacob's "you won't like me when I'm angry" line delivery. I mean, HONESTLY.)

And then Edward? Is either a hallucination or wearing a bathrobe for the entire movie. 0_o

AND. I will spare you my whole rant about how Kristin Stewart is literally killing herself through starvation and how I hope every mom watching this movie runs right home and feeds her child a huge meal. (We ate lunch beforehand and there was a family eating next to us. Mom, Dad, brother and grandma all ate fine. Teenage girl drank coffee. No food touched her lips. It didn't put me in a great frame of mind to stare at KStew's emaciation, I admit.)

But, on the other hand! Mmmm, smooching. And I love Edward/Bella, SORRY. And Jacob sure was pretty. And again I say, the wolf transformations were amaaaazing. And I love Alice! And Jasper too. And the other hot vampire brother whose name I am blanking.

And my Dad is so ADORABLE interested in it all. He kept trying to make my Mom guess how they solve the love triangle and finally she was like..."Danny! I don't ever think about it, ok?!?" And he was fairly shocked at her response. I love my Dad. For the record, he thought this was better than the first one, as I've heard most people saying. But I still like Twilight better!


I am in a shockingly good mood. I blame the grilled cheese sandwiches.
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