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busy day is busy

First, let's talk about my day. I am within 20 minutes and the final exam of FINALLY being done with my stupid defensive driving class. I'm pretty sure they end with the alcohol section because by the time you complete the course, all you want to do is GET DRUNK. But, so far, doing it online has been waaaay better than an in-person class, so that's good.

In among doing that, I also washed the sheets, blanket and comforter on my bed and re-made it. I went to the library, pharmacy, dry cleaner, UPS office, and the post office. I did 80 percent of my online Christmas shopping. I watched two episodes of Scrubs, fed the dogs, answered about 20 emails, and responded to all my outstanding LJ comments. I also scheduled an interview for Monday and a play date with Addison for Wednesday.


In LJ news, the notjustroomates prompt for December is SNOW (more details at that post), so go check it out. I want sexy fic to help me feel warm. HEAT ME UP LJ.

And then there is this, which looks amusing:

AND salt_burn_porn has seriously been the highlight of my LIFE the last few days. Amazing fic is amazing, yo! LOVE IT ALL.
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