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year in review meme

I was super curious about that meme where you recap your year by posting the first sentence of the first entry from each month. So, I did it! But sometimes I used more than one sentence. Sue me.

What do you think?

January: "We have all known loneliness, and we have learned that the only solution is love, and that love comes with community."
-- Dorothy Day

February: Have just come back from the doctor. Still have an ear infection. She seemed rather alarmed that I can hear almost nothing in my left ear (!!) So, it's ten more days of antibiotics. MAKE ME WELL. That's all I'm askin'.

March: I've been wanting an updated J2 moodtheme and despite searching and watching, I haven't found one I like yet. So, yesterday I had a minor temper tantrum and uploaded a non-fandom moodtheme. I like it a lot but I feel oddly guilty. Hey mood! You aren't Jensen Ackles's FACE. I don't know how to COPE.

April: "Have you learned lessons only of those who admired you, and were tender with you, and stood aside for you? Have you not learned great lessons from those who rejected you, and braced themselves against you, or disputed the passage with you?"
--Walt Whitman

May: The dogs woke me up at 7 a.m. On one hand, that's annoying. But on the other, I like getting up early and getting things done. I've already checked in approximately ONE BILLION Big Bangs this morning. It's very exciting.

June: annkiri went home yesterday and I am sad. I've been having constant fangirl fun for the last week and now it's all over. UNFAIR! (Seriously, we had a blast. GOOD TIMES. Even if she did attempt to dognap Max.)

July: I loooooove choosing which Big Bang to read next. It's a delightful dilemma! *claps hands with glee*

August: Flist, I am sort of mentally exhausted right now. And so, I'd like to focus on some happy things...

September: SPN DVDs have been procured!

October: Announcement! It is October. FINALLY.

November: I am finally home and I'll never be caught up again, EVER.

December: Every Tuesday ofenjen does this thing called "Talk to me Tuesday" where she posts a video blog. It's super cool. I'll not be posting video, but hey! It's Tuesday and I'm talkin', so that kinda counts, right?
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