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you get what you take from it so be amazed

My baby brother is getting his Master's Degree today! It's very exciting.

Addison is going to a party with her Nana, so I won't get to see her, which is sad. But, I will get to focus lots of attention on Baby Drew, which I never get to do. So, that'll be fun. Baby snuggles!

Christmas is in thirteen days! ALSO EXCITING.

Last night I ordered teeny tiny Converse for Addison and Baby Drew, so we all can match. I still need a toy/fun present for Addison though, and I got NOTHIN. Everything I see online looks cheap (even though it's all very expensive) and boring. BAH HUMBUG.

Gotta be at my mom's house in an hour, so I better run. AHHH. Love you guys! Happy Saturday!

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