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don't tell me not to fly, I've simply got to

I feel like I haven't talked to any of you guys in so long. I'm begging you to stop and say hi. Tell me what's going on in your life! I WANT TO KNOW.

Apparently TNT bought the syndication rights to Supernatural, which is very exciting. I saw the list of S1 eps they're starting with and got so incredibly nostalgic. GO SHOW.

My brother graduated with his Master's degree on Saturday. They actually hooded the candidates as they walked across the stage, which was kinda fun. (My Master's graduation was much larger, and we all just came on stage already wearing our hoods.) Anyway. Andy is 6'4" and the guy hooding people was about a foot shorter. Andy actually had to KNEEL to get the hood put on. It was pretty amusing and amazing.

The ceremony also had one of the very best graduation speeches I've ever heard. Just amazingly inspirational. I'm thinking about writing the speaker a thank you note, it was seriously that good.

Last night I had an awesome dinner with mandyremains. She going back home this week and I do not want her too! I've really enjoyed getting to spend time with her this last six weeks.

I know people get irritated with me for being all "every fic is amaaaaazing!", but I am seriously obsessed with the salt_burn_porn entries thus far. Y'all. EVERY FIC IS AMAZING. Don't let my enthusiasm stop you from cruising the comm and reading some incredible stuff -- all of which was written in 24 hours and STILL is smoking hot and creative and well done. Go read! *insists*

I am all caught up on my TV watching. IT'S A MIRACLE. Can I just briefly say OMG DEXTER. I did not see that twist coming! The books and the TV show have gone off in vastly different directions but it's interesting to see them sort of dovetailing back to each other. I didn't see that coming either!

Love this picture, it makes me happy.


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