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talk to corporate, approve memos

Today was much better! And even though all the rest of the world is all "Awww man! Tomorrow is MONDAY!" I do not have to work for the next two days. Two days off! IN A ROW. It's absolute bliss and I am super excited!

Here's my plan for tomorrow: go to Euless to submit my defensive driving paperwork to the court, go to the library (my library, not the one where I work), pic up some pics from CVS, go to the grocery store and get stuff to make: peanut butter pie for Dad for Christmas, dulce de leche cake for NYE, sangria for NYE, and peanut butter cookies, which I probably will make for Christmas too because they look like reindeer! Then, I'm coming home to wrap allllll my Christmas presents. I also will drink LOADS of tea and Starbucks throughout the day. This takes careful planning, as you can see. I have The Proposal to watch on DVD, and tons of bookmarked fic to read. AND I just started an excellent novel last night.

I may change back into PJs once I get home again.

*beams* I am very, very excited.

And now? I just finished scarfing down delicious Chipotle. And, the Survivor finale starts in 15 minutes. WOOT.
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