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2010 To Do List

Hi guys! Remember me? Normally I would write a meaningful into to this post but I am TOO TIRED TO LIVE and I don't want to wait any longer to post it.

This year I decided to again make a To Do List in place of resolutions. You know I love a To Do List! This is meant to help me work on myself, and on my life, as well as reaching goals and finding perspective. And some things are just for fun. This year will continue to be about me defining ME, in all ways.

1. Be honest about my own feelings. Learn to do this without being aggressive or dramatic.
2. Clean out all of my closets.
3. Consciously work on bringing more hope, joy, and love into my own life and the lives of the people I care about.
4. Continue to reduce my dairy intake.
5. Delete my MySpace page, unfriend Facebook people that I don’t know who they are.
6. Develop a new prayer routine.
7. Discover something new and obscure that I love and can obsess over.
8. Do something that I've always wanted to do, but not yet done.
9. Do something that makes me uncomfortable. Conquer that fear.
10. Drink more water.
11. Figure out a plan for my credit card debt.
12. Figure out how to make the heels of my feet look/feel less gross.
13. Figure out what to do with the broken TV taking up space in my garage.
14. Find a permanent, full-time job.
15. Find a really comfortable pair of work shoes.
16. Get a good picture taken of myself, with Addison and Drew.
17. Get copies of Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska, and Song of Myself.
18. Hug Jared Padalecki. Refrain from carrying watermelons to Jensen Ackles.
19. Keep Max and Val safe and healthy.
20. Learn to make really good pancakes.
21. Life is about relationships and they require work and effort. Work on developing/strengthening my relationships with the people I love.
22. Look for rainbows.
23. Make a decision regarding LASIK.
24. Own up to it when I make a mistake, even when it’s something that will cause problems. Tell the truth.
25. Pray the problem. Only God knows the consequences of decisions.
26. Put more in the recycle bin than in the trashcan.
27. Read one book related to my spirituality.
28. Read two non-fiction books related to my physical/mental/emotional health.
-End of Overeating by David Kessler (January)
29. Remember to take care of myself.
30. Repeat to self: There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of experimentation.
31. Say please and thank you and no. And sometimes, say yes.
32. Stop futzing with my iphone while driving. (No texts, no emails, no games.)
33. Survive Big Bang 2010! Make it awesome.
34. Take April, Addison and Drew to the Fort Worth Science & History Museum.
35. Take at least one "artistic" photo that I'm really proud of.
36. Use up all of something before I buy more of it.
37. Visit LA and Chicago.
38. Watch seasons 3 through 7 of Gilmore Girls.
39. Weigh less on December 31, 2010 then I do on January 11, 2010.
40. Work to make my life one I love, the life I've dreamed of. But at the same time, work with what comes my way.

A couple corollary goals for the immediate future:

1. Sleep more. Every day would be awesome.
2. Read some fic again. Soon. And often. I miss it.
3. Become an active LJ community member again. Actually talk to my friends! *covers mouth* Revolutionary idea, I know. It will occur again, I promise!
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