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Right before Christmas, my mom cleaned out an old jewelry box and gave me a handful of rings she found. Most of them were Masonic rings that belonged to my paternal grandmother. I have a bit of a history with her Masonic rings, as I found one randomly when I was in high school, took it, and wore it for years until a stranger yelled at me about how inappropriate it was. (He was wrong, by the way.)

ANYWAY. I just finally got a chance to sort them out last night and found a gold wedding band in the pile. I wasn't sure what it was, so I emailed my mom. She just sent back a note explaining how it was a band she wore for about ten years. When I was in elementary school, she lost the (tiny) diamond out of her original band while doing yard work. So, she replaced it with a plain band that she wore until her 35th wedding anniversary, when Dad replaced it with a diamond the size of an asteroid.

ANYWAY AGAIN. Longest story ever, but it really touched me that Mom wanted me to have that band. I'm feeling very loved and sentimental this morning. *wipes tears*

In completely unrelated news, today is the day the temperatures drop down into the teens! I'm dreading it but have dressed warm and plan to just stay inside, or in my car, as much as possible.

I am beset with static cling! GO AWAY STATIC CLING. Someone in an LJ forum recently taught me to put the tiiiiiniest bit of moisturizer on my hands and rub it on the ends of my hair. That deals with hair static, spit-spot. But clothes static? BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. Any tips from you guys on banishing it? My coat is especially bad.

annkiri went home yesterday and Max is in mourning. He slept on the floor all night long in silent protest. Poor baby.

Have I posted about the saga with my mattress? I bought a new one a few years ago and have hated it since the day it was delivered. I finally decided it was just too saggy and filed a warranty claim. Which the company denied. Four months and countless pissy emails and phone calls later, my new (free) mattress is being delivered on Saturday. Hopefully this one will work out better for me. SIGH. This is one of those "being an adult is hard"-things, you know?

Speaking of! It's time to leave for work! Have an awesome Thursday babies. Stay warm and make someone else smile. MWAH!

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