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I hate when I'm really super busy like this...it's like being stuck on a treadmill that won't turn off, or something.


Yesterday we started sign-ups for spn_j2_bigbang and...holy crap! I love our fandom. The response has been incredible and, as always, I'm in awe of all the amazing people who want to play. The wonderful (and patient) thehighwaywoman is handling the author sign-ups...I'm torn between wanting to buy her a million cupcakes as a thank you and running away so she can't find me and exact revenge. *grin*

But I did miss getting to squee with you guys about story ideas! Next week when things have settled down, I'll go troll the post and make a nuisance of myself there too. You can't wait, right?

wordplay__ put together some stats about BB sign ups, and if trends hold true, we should have about 500 stories this year. 0_o Again, I'm torn between wanting to throw confetti over all the awesome fic we will have this summer, and being panicked about the impending schedule chaos. (Yeah, ok. I tip more into elation, I can't help it!)

Yesterday I was working at the main desk and this woman came off the elevator. She walked right up to me and, with a completely blank face, started spouting all this stuff about God cleansing the earth with fire. Then, she turned and walked away. The guy working at the desk with me just blinked and said, "I tell you what, Mondays are something else." I just died laughing. What else is there to say, you know?

Happy Tuesday all, onwards and upwards!
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