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things fandom taught me #431

So, when I started this job, I needed a project. The director told me to pick a section to be responsible for. Someone already had claimed YA (which would be my first choice, of course), but I still wanted something youth-related. So, I chose graphic novels. Now, I did a two week section on graphic novels in my YA lit class last summer, and I know Watchmen and Sandman and the Buffy novels...but that pretty much is the extent of my knowledge on the subject. I did not disclose these facts however, and instead decided to just wing it.

So, I'm going along, doing well. I've done a shelf read and a ghost list, I've weeded and discarded destroyed books, I've repaired damaged books. The section looks great.

And then.

My boss tells me to do a graphic novel display. Whoops? I don't have a clue what to put on it! So, I walk through the section and just randomly pull off books whose titles I recognize from seeing them on fandomsecrets. No, really.

WELL! They fly off the display! I'm having to re-stock about twice a day (which is extraordinary.) I finally have to ask them to pull the display because I have whole shelves that are BARE because the circ has risen so quickly. 0_0


And now? Well, today I got an email saying that they're giving me collection development money to spend on new books for the section. It isn't much, but still! I find the whole thing completely surreal and hilarious.

Thanks fandomsecrets! You made me look GOOD.
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