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I know this is boring but I miss you

Last night we went out to dinner for my brother's birthday and Addison ate her whole meal (including ice cream!) while sitting in my lap. She's so adorable. I will be Very Sad when she's too big for that. She turns THREE in March, I can't believe it.

My eyes have been killing me. WHY are my new glasses not here yet??

Also, WHY did I not bid on a hand knit scarf or something in the Haiti auction? Because I am freezing and wish I had one right now.

AND. Where are the Wendy icons from Thursday's SPN? WHERE! I want some, I WANT THEM. *Veruca Salt stomp*

Oh man, I also still have books to post about and I'm still too tired to do it tonight. I need that on a t-shirt or something as it has become my excuse for everything.

For the last two days, I read a little fic on my lunch hour and it's made me so happy. It's like this J2-schmoop-infusion that keeps me going for the rest of the day. It's better than caffeine! YES I SAID IT.

Uhm. I don't now what else! I am going to bed now. Night guys!
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