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Love on a Monday

Flist, I have some (more) links to share with you.

First, fab_feb_friends is open for business! This comm is all about spreading love to LJ during February and it's great fun. Please go play! There are ICONS! *tempts*

Yesterday alwayseven linked me to this faboulous rainbow and gay-themed picspam by fallintosilence. I am kinda in love with it. (Speaking of icons...WANT a rainbow one!) One of my goals for this year is to seek out rainbows and this fit the bill very nicely. Anyway, go have a look and bask in the happy.

And then, jeeronie linked me to this amaaaaazing Jared picspam, which I love because scrolling through is like watching him grow up right in front of your eyes. Awwww, BABY. Happy place!

Wow, I am full of love today! Who knew?

Now it is eye doctor time and then work, so...later gators!
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