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Ride to Conquer Cancer

missyjack posted that Assistant Director Kevin Parks of the Supernatural crew is taking part in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" from Vancouver to Seattle in June. He's doing this in honor of Kim Manners.

From Kevin's donation page:
Doing this ride became important for me because of all the family, friends and co-workers that have had their lives impacted by this horrible disease. In particular, we said good-by to our good friend, mentor, and intrepid director Kim Manners this year. I am cycling in his honor. The time and effort it takes to do this ride is nothing compared to the courage and energy it takes to fight cancer.
His goal is to raise a mere $2,500 and that seems like a goal SPN fans easily could both meet and exceed. This is a good cause, please consider making a donation, large or small.

You can find out more information and donate here.

Spread the word!
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