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Supernatural season six! AMAZING. I'm so proud of our show and so excited that I'll get to remain immersed in fandom for at least another year.

But, as you know, we're in the middle of a mini-hiatus now. There are THIRTY-SIX days until the next new episode. *flail* However will you pass the time? Well, tenaciousmetoo suggests you make plans to attend a super-fun fangirl slumber party. Her post has me all (re-) hyped up now. I WANT IT TO BE TODAY. Go read! Get excited!

I have heard nothing but bad reviews for the Percy Jackson movie, which is really disappointing to me! The book is SO GOOD, I really wanted the movie to be a smash too. SIGH. I'll still watch it, but I may wait for the DVD now. We'll see.

I NEED HELP. Well, on many topics, but the one for discussion today is moisturizer. For several years I have used Olay Complete (moisturizer plus sunscreen) for sensitive skin. In the past month, they changed the formula, and it is AWFUL. And I mean, honestly! Not only boo for them changing something I loved, but BOO for changing a sensitive skin formula. It's not a pretty picture folks!

Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement? It needs to be for sensitive skin and it needs to include sunscreen because I am much too lazy to put gunk on my face TWICE in one morning.

And now? PANCAKES.
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