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Survivor: I have mixed feelings about Stephenie, sometimes I don't care for her, sometimes I like her. So, I'm not really torn up about her specifically getting voted out. But I am VERY sad that her alliance (which includes Tom and Colby, who I LOVE) is now down, while people I don't care at all about (Courtney, Amanda, Rupert) are up. UGH.

Speaking of UGH....WTF James? I hope he is at home right now feeling very ashamed. His behavior tonight was horrible on many levels, but that final "shut your mouth" (or "keep your mouth shut" or whatever it was) seriously reeked of "sit down and be quiet WOMAN" and it's just beyond unacceptable. It looks like he melts down even further next week.

I like the Heroes and I don't want them to lose again. But I'm not sure I can handle any more of James's attitude. I love what Tom said about winners and losers and where James fits. SO TRUE. Also sad because I loved James in his first season. ALAS.

Ooooohhhh but Boston Rob! I have loved Boston Rob since the moment he first appeared on my TV and have loved him every second since. I won't hear anything against him, I LOVE HIM. In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping that tonight was the start of his winner's arc, but I fear he's getting too much storyline too early. We will see, I suppose.

Leverage: I thought last year's season finale was STELLAR, mostly because I didn't see how the crew could recover from the ending. BUT THEY DID!

But this year, my reaction mostly was "FINALLY! They are rid of Nathan!" Which, uhm. I'm pretty sure that's the wrong response. I have TRIED to connect to Nathan's character, I really have! But I cannot. I just do not care a thing about him.

And I'm annoyed that his starting to drink again was never really resolved.

AND. I think the whole deal with Sophie and the kissing and the "I came because you needed me" was meant to be really touching and sweet. Buuuuut, just two episodes ago Nathan was making out with his ex-wife in an elevator! Kind of dilutes the emotion a bit, in my opinion.

OK, I love Chris Kane. Unironically! BUT. It's really hard to take Eliot seriously when he has to put his hair up into a ponytail before he can have a fight. It's so distracting! I don't UNDERSTAND. And they've hinted that Eliot is a reasonably capable guy. So, did it really take every bit of mental capacity he had to count up to 13 and then back down to 1? I don't GET it!!

Best line of the night was Hardison's one about Nathan wanting all that information and intel done on a motel room TV screen. HILARIOUS.

I do love Leverage, for the record. Just not this episode.

blahblahblahblah: I cannot believe I forgot AGAIN. This is like a lesson I am somehow unable to learn.

Jared and Jensen:

OK, fine. I will spam MYSELF.

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