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Yesterday Andy and April brought Addison and Drew up to the library to see a magic show, and it was super fun to see them and get to show off my babies to my co-workers. Drew was especially adorable, flirting at all the librarians and performing his tricks on command, like a champ. Addison was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd, I think, but still managed to win my heart by holding my hand and refusing to let go. SO MUCH LOVE.

My brother looked amazing. He had lapband done in August and already has lost about 75 pounds. But, here's the really cool part...he's diabetic and years ago cut out all sugar from his diet. Well, last fall, he started getting really dizzy in the afternoons. His doctor figured out it was because his blood sugar was dropping so low, and suggested he eat a piece of candy in the afternoons to boost it back up. Y'all, he's lost so much weight that he can eat sugar again. I seriously choked up at that news, it's pretty amazing.

It looks like my job is going to stretch on a little longer than I'd anticipated, (because I miscounted my hours, WHOOPS) so that's a pretty nice surprise. It also means I have to postpone my LASIK a few more months, which is frustrating, but...if it's worth doing, it'll still be worth doing this summer.

I have watched exactly NONE of the Olympics and feel oddly guilty about it. I want to, but when I get home, I'm too tired to focus. *sadface*

It is supposed to snow again tomorrow. DO NOT WANT.

I owe several people emails, and I'm sorry at the delay. I'm having trouble with direct communication right now, for some reason. But I'm working on it!
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