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Dear Fandom:

Today April and I are taking Addison and Drew to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch and then to ride a CAROUSEL. I know! Awesome.

And I'm late. But. All I can think about is this...

Earlier I was reading a fic where Jensen kept talking during sex and Jared was quiet. And I chuckled to myself because usually the characterization for that is flipped.

And THEN I decided that Jared and Jensen need to agree to act like each other for a day. (Maybe as part of a bet?) So, Jensen has to get up early and take the dogs for a run and make coffee and bring it to Jared in bed, while Jared sleeps in late. And Jared has to ask questions about director, err...directions. And, just a hundred little canon/fanon things. And the boys realize how much they do for each other and how little things they didn't even know they were doing meant SO MUCH to the other guy (like how Jensen always texts Jared "good job" after his last scene of the day. Jensen didn't even know Jared noticed that until he gets a text form Jared-acting-like-Jensen!).

And maybe there's some minor irritation (Jared realizes that having someone talk while you're trying to pee really IS as irritating as people have been telling him, or watching Jensen flirt and hug on strangers a la Jared makes Jared realize what Jensen feels watching that, or WHATEVER.)

But mostly it's just schmoop and love and appreciation. YES.


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