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I know, you know

berrylicious877 asked me: If you could make an author finish a fic that has been languishing in "work in progress" purgatory, which one would it be? And which fic do you REALLY wish there were a sequel to?

Great questions, yeah? I didn't really have an empathic answer for her, I know rhythmsextion is doing a sequel to Next Man Up that I'm pretty danged excited about. And, if dugindeep just wrote soccer!verse forever, I'd be satisfied. And really, probably every author in the fandom has some fic I wish they'd do a sequel to. I have a hard time letting go of characters once I'm attached!

Anyway, now I turn the question back to you guys...what's your answer?

(To clarify, this is just for fun. It's not to pressure or beg anyone, ok?)
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