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LA Con 2010

I had such an amazing time at the con. It was really a fun one. I felt more relaxed and the schedule seemed the tiniest bit looser, which made a big difference. Also, annkiri and I both remembered to pack granola bars this year, which saved us on Sunday. Woot.

annkiri is going to write up an awesome and detailed con report. When she does, I'll link you. Until then, I'll tell you about my photo and autograph stories, not that there's really much to share this year.

First up were photos with Jensen. annkiri went first and I held her glasses. Then, I was trying to get those back to her while also getting into place and trying not to be That Fan to Jensen. So, mostly, I don't remember much. We exchanged a hi and a hello and then snuggled up. I had my arm around Jensen, but bent so my hand was on his back. I patted him a little (I do not know why I always do this in pictures) and he patted me back, which I thought was sweet. Then I said thank you and took off. I had ZERO memory about posing or composing my face or anything. AHHHH.

Then annkiri and I took a picture with both Jared and Jensen, which turned out very well. We had previously decided that B would stand next to Jensen and I would stand next to Jared (shocking, right?).

OK, so annkiri is tall, and you already know Jared and Jensen are tall. Well, I'm short. And when I walked up there, I felt so dwarfed! Anyway, I made some crack about feeling like I needed to stand on a chair and Jared laughed and said something about being tall, which I do not remember because I WAS STANDING NEXT TO JARED PADALECKI. Anyway, we snuggled up and I jokingly went up on my toes in an effort to be taller. And Jared? That stinker went up on his toes too! I just died laughing. I went back flat-footed and so do he, and Chris snapped the picture at that moment. So we're all smiley and laughing in the picture. It's awesome.

Last was my solo with Jared and when I walked up, he looked me over and said "OK, I'll scrunch down for you" and then he proceeded to bend his body in half so that our faces could be together. Besides being absolutely adorable, this gave me an instant flashback to Becca imitating what happened the first time I ever met Jared (this is her fave story to tell on me, SIGH) and I started smiling big and then SNAP. I had intended to give Jared a big two-armed hug, which I've never done before, but instead my brain shorted out. Alas. I also patted Jared's back during the pic and he was sweating all the way through both his shirts. I kinda liked it honestly!

OK, here are the very few pics I took. (I made a conscious decision this year to only snap a few and then put the camera down and just watch and listen.) Jim was in constant motion and everything was blurry. Sad. None of these are very good, but they'll hold you until better ones come out, yeah? Come on good photogs, post some pics for us!!

The boys were really zipping through autographs. Since there are paparazzi pics of them in the Vancouver airport Sunday night, I'm guessing they were just trying to power through to make their flights. (Poor Jared even is wearing his con clothes in the airport pics!)

So, I got in line for Jensen's autograph first. There was room for about three people in front of the table, with a bodyguard on one end and a Creation person directing traffic on the other end. I gave the handler my pic and as Jensen was signing, I asked him who his favorite football player was. (Yes, I felt rhythmsextion NEEDED this information!) He said "Of all-time?" And by now, he'd signed my picture and the girl's behind me...he wasn't even looking at what he was signing, just doing it as quick as possible. I said sure and (as the Creation lady next to me was already trying to move me out of line) he said "Roger Staubach." I said awesome and thanked him for his time and let the Creation chick push me out of line. I did feel a little bad for the people behind me. Sorry guys!!

Then, for Jared's autograph, I asked him the same question. He said "Current or of all-time?' I said it was up to him and he said "Ok, then I choose Jay Novacek because Troy Aikman always said he could count on him." Jared looked me right in the face and had a very serious and considering expression on his face as he answered. So adorable. I thanked him for his time and moved on out of line.

annkiri and I got separated during autographs, which was a wee bit traumatic. So, afterward I was waiting outside the Jared room for her to come out. Clif was standing in the doorway keeping an eye on Jared, and I was just feeling kind of awkward standing there next to him, so I mentioned that I enjoyed his tweets and Facebook updates and he seemed pleased. Then we had a brief conversation about Hudson (his new grandson) and Drew (my new nephew)...Clif adorably mentioned that having a grandson was fun but that he couldn't wait for Hud to be old enough to do really fun things...and then B came out and we took off.

The very last thing we did was to reserve our tickets for next year. AND! We got to move up three rows, so that's exciting too! MMMMM.

Waking up this morning was sad. There were no Albany baseball players having half-naked shenanigans in the pool, no annkiri to talk to while I got dressed, no Starbucks in the living room, no pretty boys to hug on, no fangirls to chat with over meals....SIGH.

All in all, it was an awesome experience and I'm so grateful for all the people I got to meet and see, and I wish I could send thank you notes to all the guests as every single one knocked it out of the park! I can't wait for next year!!
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