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Here are the first two of annkiri's awesome recaps:
  • Friday
  • Saturday

    We're always glued together at cons (meaning we have the same experience) and she does on great, detailed job with recapping, so I figure...why duplicate? Just pretend her recaps are mine too, haha.

    She did however include the story of our Jim autographs, which I meant to post about and forgot! Here's the scoop:
    In the morning Jim and AJ were doing autographs. Jim because he always takes forever so he was trying to spread it out over the day and AJ because he had to leave right after the panel. wendy and I got in Jim's line first and got his. Right before we got up to him he was asking for some water and Wendy joked that we didn't want him to choke as it would cramp her day. Jim joked back that once her signature was done it was okay though, right? And we laughed. I asked him to pick his favorite episode from season four and sign over that picture or write up from the season four dvd insert. That stumped him and I finally suggested "When the Levee Breaks." I also thanked him for sharing his experiences in his book and that I had given it to both my Mom and Aunt who were very taken with it and moved. Wendy talked to him about his facebook and tweeting and then as we were walking away Jim totally faked choking to death. It was kind of hilarious.
    I love Jim Beaver, just in case you did not know. And I think I actually referred to his twitter as Jim-GPS, which amused him a lot.

    I also meant to post about one of my most favorite moments of the whole con, which happened while we were waiting in line for the Jared and Jensen duo photo opp. There was this adorable girl who bounced into place between Jared and Jensen for her pic. Then, all of a sudden she gave a little "EEEEEE!" and quickly twirled around in place with a HUGE "I can't believe this actually is happening" smile on her face. Jensen absolutely lost it laughing. He looked so pleased and like the girl was just adorable (which she WAS) and even after she walked away, he still was bent over laughing. (Just to be clear, not AT her, just at her reaction to them, which was just very genuine and honest and amazing.) It was a wonderful moment and I love that the boys enjoyed it too. Good fan times!
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