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More of annkiri's awesome con recaps:
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    While we were at the hotel, I was reading this book called The Book of Answers, which basically is library reference question trivia. Every morning while we were getting dressed, I'd read B random facts from the book, which she loved. (By which, I mean *I* loved it and she didn't punch me in the face about it.)

    ANYWAY, I ran across this, which I thought was interesting:
    Who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

    These personifications of war appear in the Book of Revelation 6:1-8. They are: Conquest, Slaughter, Famine, and death, riding horses that are respectively, white, red, black and green.
    It hit me then that War (Slaughter) had a red Mustang on the show and Famine had a black Explorer-Expedition-Escalade-whatever. (We never saw Death, did we? Might be interesting to look for green cars in the cemetery scenes.)

    ANYWAY. Minor detail but good on SPN for getting it right in such a significant and subtle way! Now I will keep my eyes peeled for anyone driving a white vehicle. *eyes show carefully*

    It also has come to my attention via a convo with wickedsin on Facebook, that not everyone knows the song Chloroform The One You Love by Flickerstick. Have a listen, it's awesome and especially amusing now that it reminds me of Jared and Jensen. *looks shifty*

    No one thought my story about a co-worker flipping out that I "met Sam" was hilarious? I sure did! Life is funny sometimes.
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