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Fandom Appreciation Week: Day One

You know, sometimes fandom sucks. But sometimes it's pretty awesome too. So, I wanted to try and pump up that fandom love, both for myself and for other people. Thus? Fandom Appreciation Week!

I have mostly SPN/CW RPS fans on my flist, but this definitely is open to all fandoms and genres. I hope you'll play yourself, refer your friends, and help us all to amp up the enthusiasm. It's an easy way to get a little more involved in fandom and a little out of your comfort zone, should you be willing.

Your first Monday challenge is to send feedback to 3 authors. These can be people you know, people you've never heard of before, or old favorites. Personally, I'm using this as an excuse to clear out some fics I've had bookmarked for ages.

When you've finished...

Poll #1547568 Fandom Appreciation Day One

Come back here and click.


Second, I want to know how you got involved in fandom, as well as the CRAZIEST thing you've ever done on behalf of fandom. (Example: I figured out a way to make my company pay to send me to Phoenix so I could be there for the premier of Ten Inch Hero. I also once stood in 30 degree weather for two hours, without a coat, to see a band I don't like, just to have some extra time with fangirls. I feel sure you can top those!)

Please spread this around as much as possible. We need as much participation as we can get to really make this work!

Tomorrow will be a request/rec-fest, so...start thinking about that too! *twirls you all around*
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